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Why You Should Heart Winter

Hey you. Yes, you. The one reading this. I bet you’re bummed that the Cape Town summer has ended and winter is upon us. It’s true isn’t it? You’re already longing for the warm days of summer and rejecting the … Continue reading

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Why inventing a new word will brightenise your day

Fantasticulous – something that is both great and stupid at the same time (like Flight of the Conchords or actually dressing up for a fancy-dress party) Definitionise – to give a word a definition (and yes, I use the English … Continue reading

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Ninja Teaching

I work as a French teacher in an all-boys High School, which means I have to capture the attention of a room full of hormonal, pubescent boys long enough for them to learn something. This is not difficult if you … Continue reading

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Pimp My Knife

A wedding day is a wonderful thing. It’s a huge party followed by a once-in-a-lifetime holiday followed by a massive present-opening session during which your empty drawers and cupboards get filled with wonderful homely stuff. I love unwrapping presents, it’s … Continue reading

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Ceci n’est pas un blog

Does the world need more blogs? No. Am I going to give it one anyway? Yes. Are these questions rhetorical? … This blog serves as a tool to empty my head of the ideas that regularly bounce around inside. Often … Continue reading

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